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General / Most Common

What concept prompted the setting up of expresshour.net Limited? Is the company genuine?

expresshour.net private project, founded in 2019. We offer a wide single investment / guaranteed service, the project site operates from the web and is based on the diversification of the mineral money and stable investment programs where it is possible to contribute with the common fund for a constant incomet>
As a project, we have just one goal – to provide a user-friendly investment platform that will assist our investors in making good investment decisions. And because of this, we make use of a state-of-the-art platform with an extensive infrastructure. We have a very affordable simplified investment, and anybody can participate without computer skills. This is possible, because we make use of different mining opportunities and diversified investment options. This way, you know your risk of losing your investments is practically reduced, and you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

I’m interested in the investment opportunities offered by your company, but I’m still sceptical on the amount of risk involved. If I invest my moneys, are my returns guaranteed?

It’s a good thing you’re interested in our investment opportunities. We are a 99% risk-free investment platform, and you’ve nothing to worry about when investing your money with us.

All information processed through our website is secured with Cloudflare SSL, which means your data is well-encrypted and can never be revealed to any person. Also, we have dedicated servers, which are DDoS protected. For extra layer of security, please check your security seals.

Your company offers a very lucrative interest rate for a short period of time. This is not usually obtainable with other investment companies. Where is the funds coming from?

From experience I have worked for a long time with medium-long term investments but also with trading and revshare !! we found the right balance with diversification / trading / mining businesses where it is possible to obtain stable profits, have a profit margin to pay all users, including profit for admin and team!.

What are the requirements for participating in your investment opportunities? Is anyone from any country allowed to participate?

For anyone to take advantage of our investment opportunity, the person must be at least 18 years of age and must have agreed to our Terms of Service. It doesn’t matter the country you’re located; as long as you have an internet connection, you can participate.


How long will I receive interest for?

You will receive interest for the time of the investment: 720 hours.

When can I withdraw my initial deposit?

The deposit is included in the hourly profit!.

What's the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0,00001 BTC/ ~0.05 $ Payeer

How many accounts are allowed per person? What about sharing my IP address with co-workers or family members?

No more than one account is allowed per person. Multiple account openings is against our internal users policy and might result in membership termination, however you can share IP with other members, but each account should contact valid persons info.

Is there any fee attached to internal and external transactions?

We do not charge any commission, espress takes care of the receipt of the deposit / for the withdrawal of the expected money commission of the processor + an administrative fee of 1.5% is provided (this for our internal work).

I’m prepared to make my first deposit, but I’m still not clear how the interest rate accrues.

The main idea behind the expresshour.net program is that with the investment plan, you’ll be able to receive interest every hour. Once you make a deposit, an interest will will be generated hourly to your account balance. You can view your active deposits on the “Active deposits” section of the member’s area. Our interest rate is 0.16% hourly .

After I make my deposit, how long before my I start earning interest?

You start receiving interest from the first hour after your deposit. This means, if you made a deposit by 4:15pm, then you’ll receive your first interest by 5:15pm, the second by 6:15 pm and so on.

Where can I see my earned interests?

You can view all your accrued interest in your personal account. It is applied to your account balance in real time, and you can withdraw it at any time.

How do I withdraw my funds?

This is very simple. Just click over to the withdrawal section of your personal account to initiate a withdrawal istant.

If I request a withdrawal, how long will it take before I receive it?

Every withdrawal request is processed instantly, so no worries. If, for any reason, it wasn’t processed, then give it 24 hours from the moment of request, and you’ll surely get it. No need contacting support about pending withdrawal requests.

How many active deposits is one allowed to have?

You can create up to 5 active deposits at a time!

Affiliate Program

What is the meaning of affiliate program and who may participate?

The affiliate program was created to reward members, who share our investment platform with their friends and colleagues. When you refer other people to our mining platform, you earn 2% from their active deposits. You don’t really have to do much – all you need to do is grab your affiliate links from your personal account and share them with your friends and earn. It’s as simple as that.

Do I need to have an active deposit, before I’m able to earn as an affiliate?

In our terms, to make money with us, you must have an active deposit / work frequency base to be enabled to receive accrued interest.