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Blockchain withdrawal link

To update! we want to include the most significant details during bitcoin withdrawal! on the screen (Collection) this to have transparency! we are always up to date to improve the espresso and always have a good opportunity to work with you! this update will be posted as soon as possible!


Administrative Commission (Update)

Reduced administrative withdrawal fee (1.5%)
I hope you are satisfied with the work done!


Administrative Commission

Dear users, I want to say that the work is excellent! I want to announce a small 5% withdrawal fee! in this case expresshour takes over when you deposit all the taxes as you can see, but we need to have a personal profit margin with the collection commission! I hope you understand that there must always be work for both of us! I wish you all the long-term success with us! we are here to work forever with this new method! thanks admin Express :)


Daily withdrawal limit

Quick update: speaking to some members (BIG) a limit of $ 300 has been established! this to have a stable secure leg and continuous cash flow.
We all need a limit for survival and longevity. Thank you for your understanding .



Advertising connected to our partner (please take at least 1 click a day to support the project)


Technical problem in progress..

Technical problem on the collection page of the restored profile, please be patient soon.


PM Processor

As promised, the PM processor has been added.
We're also waiting for document validation to be verified, but everything works and you can start working. Best regards admin express


Budget reversal

Good news ! I decided to enable the reinvestment of capital from the Account Balance, to give the possibility to simplify the work of the investor. I hope this is a good solution. Best regards admin


Perfect Money

Soon we will work with the Perfect Money processor that we are planning where to work the funds safely thank you


Server status

Maintenance is over the server has been updated to improve performance.


Server change

Important announcement! you will have problems accessing the platform! we are migrating to the domain to a private server and with an even better previous protection if you can't access don't worry! the database backup has already been performed well! . I wish you a good stay in the express family!


Payeer validated

It is possible to start working.


Crypto processor

Decision to add permanently following our work model through coinpayments: (BCH - DOGE-ETH-ZEC).


Expresshour Launch!

I am happy to announce the beta launch of EXPRESSHOUR LTD. We need to make some small changes to the platform as a payeer addition and some changes to the graphics to eliminate imperfections but I am pleased to inform you that on 08/05/2019, the opening of our investment project.
We provide a secure platform, with a single plan where there is a low risk of loss with a stable and constant income available from anywhere in the world.
Our work is to diversify through mining / trading and varied investment programs with stable personal projects where it must last over the years.