Terms of Use

(All users of our website must be at least 18 years old and agree with Terms of Use.)

1. General Terms

  1. Every term and condition described in this agreement governs all the actions and activities of all registered users (hereinafter referred to as “Customer” or “Client”) of expresshour.net (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).
  2. For any Customer or Client to use services offered by the Company, they must have agreed with every term stated in this agreement. expresshour.net will not be held responsible for any breach of the terms of agreement on the part of the Customer.
  3. expresshour.net reserves the sole right to change any aspect of this agreement after giving the Customer a one week notice before the said change.

2. Description of services

  1. The project uses its own protectionsr.
  2. The project offers investment opportunities to Customers through the investment platform at www.expresshour.net.
  3. The rate of all interests offered at the Company are measured in USD.

3. Terms of resource reservation

  1. The Customer’s account must have an ‘Active’ status, before they can be profit with the system. For an account to be deemed ‘Active’, it must have at least USD 20.
  2. The Bitcoin / Payeer payment system is what the Customer should use to make deposits into the system.
  3. The earnings of every Customer are calculated, based on the total amount in their account balance, and the time when the deposit was initially made. The Customer can make use of the project to calculate their compound interest earnings.
  4. For any withdrawal to be processed successfully, it has to be made through the same payment the deposit was made.
  5. Every withdrawal request is processed instantly with the expresshour.net system.

4. Parties to the agreement

  1. Any user is recognized as a Customer when they have completed the account opening process successfully on www.expresshour.net.
  2. Every Customer will be required to provide accurate personal information during the account opening process.
  3. For any user to be accepted as a Customer of the Company, they must be adults and legal citizens of the country of residence.
  4. By opening an account with the Company, the Customer agrees not to make use of any services of the company for illegal actions.
  5. The Company agrees only to render services to the Customer under the terms of this agreement.
  6. The Company will never share personal details of the Customer with any party.

5. Terms of use Account

  1. Each Customer may open only one account. Multiple account opening is highly prohibited and such account will be terminated without notice.
  2. Only the Customer is allowed access to their account. Transferring account usage rights to another party is not allowed. Every Customer will be required to provide accurate personal information during the account opening process.
  3. The Client can change their payment system at any time.

6. Terms Affiliate Program

  1. expresshour.net runs an affiliate program, intended to encourage Customers to refer other people to the investment platform.
  2. The affiliate commission rate is 2% any referral.

7. Force majeure circumstances

  1. The project may suspend their services from public use if it becomes affected by world economic crisis, technological disasters, wars, earthquake, revolution, strikes, and epidemics.

Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy governs all personal details passed between the Company and the Customer.
  2. The Company pledges at all times to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information of the Customers.

    Personal information here has to do with information provided by the Customer when opening an account and when making use of the services provided by the Company.

    Decisions made by any UK court can affect the legitimacy of this Privacy Policy. Visit the Terms and Conditions page for force majeure conditions.